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Our new full-scale cousin to the Jugular, the Juggernaut opens a whole world of possibilities in sound and style.

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Meet the Juggernaut.

Ever dreamt of a Jazz Plate-Master? What about a Jugular Baritone? Maybe you’re a magpie who simply can’t resist the shiny… Or perhaps you want to blind incoming traffic with a full complement of chrome plates and three WRHBs!

Whatever your story, take advantage of our unrivaled options list and the flexible 25-1/2″ scale architecture to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Marauder Kit

With more options than ever before, our Marauder Kits are brand new and ready to rumble. Your kit includes everything you need that’s hard to find to make your signature Marauder a reality.

Build your kit:

Marauder Kit


Thinline bodies

Airy and resonant, our Thinline models blend authentic construction with full-depth comfort contours to produce a semi-hollow guitar without compromise.

Solid bodies

Stable, powerful, and constructed from a single board, our two-piece centre-joined construction brings out the best in your chosen timber’s tone and aesthetics.

Tornado SG
Tornado LG

Customer Gallery

Be inspired and see what’s possible! We are proud to have worked on some gorgeous and unique projects over the years, and hope to add your dream guitar to the list someday soon.


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