About Us

At GuitarForm, we create custom offset guitar bodies that do justice to the spirit of the originals; yet incorporate carefully considered refinements to deliver the very best beauty, playability, and sound. They are the core of your guitar project, and your guitar project is the core of our reason to exist.

You have a vision of how your instrument will look, sound, and feel. At GuitarForm, we pride ourselves on making that vision a reality. Our custom guitar bodies are crafted from carefully selected tonewoods, milled with CNC precision for a perfect fit, and expertly hand finished to create an instrument you will enjoy for decades to come.

We are a small shop operating out of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧. We cannot compete on price with multimillion dollar factories or with far-eastern labour costs. But we absolutely can compete in expertise, in the relationship we build with our customers, and in the specific realm of options pertaining to lovers of offset instruments.

Whether we start from a sketch on a napkin or from a fully dimensioned vector format, we look forward to hearing about your project and endeavour to apply our dedication and expertise towards a result we can both be truly proud of.

Daniel Katz

Founder and Creative Director