Marauder Kit

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  • Body: Choice of wood and pickup routing, pre-drilled for pickguard and plate mounting screws
  • Pickguard – Choice of material and pickup routing
  • Control Plates: 4 plates in Laser-cut and Polished Stainless Steel
  • Rocker Switches: All switches (black or white) supplied mounted to plates; Toggle or Lever Switches also supplied (where applicable)
  • Output Jack: installed (where applicable)
  • Rhythm Circuit Plate: with Folded Steel Bracket mounted (where applicable to plate selection)
  • Potentiometers & Thumbwheels: (white, with Allen Key) mounted to Bracket
  • Screws: All screws required to mount pickguard and plates to body
  • Vibrato Spring Anchor: (Dynamic Vibrato only) mounted to bridge plate


Parts Diagram



Rectangular Pickups

When a rectangular pickup option is chosen for the bridge position, be aware that it might be placed further from the bridge on a Marauder than it typically would on a different model due to the diagonal edge of the bridge plate. This could result in a slightly warmer tone with less treble than you might expect!


Rhythm Circuit Plate

Our Marauder Kit features a custom-made, laser-cut and folded steel bracket used to mount the thumbwheels below the plate in the vintage-correct staggered pattern. We include 1M and 50k potentiometers with white 3D-printed thumbwheels as standard. If you wish to provide your own thumbwheels, be advised that the slot widths are 6mm, so only MIJ / Japanese spec thumbwheels will fit (for 6mm shaft, 5.95mm width). USA thumbwheels with 4mm shafts are a little too wide to fit (1/4″).


Pre-Drilled Holes

Since the plates and pickguard of the Marauder fit together so intricately and interface with the bridge thimbles and neck pocket, we drill the mounting holes as standard and include all the screws you need to attach them to your body. If you apply a finish to your body, it might be necessary to redrill the holes afterwards, but in any case they should hopefully work as an effective pilot hole. We find a 2.5mm diameter hole roughly 1/2″ deep is sufficient for the pickguard and smaller plate screws; 3mm diameter 1″ deep for the larger bridge plate mounting screws.

Two Knobs, or Three?

Since an output jack hole is the same size as a standard potentiometer hole, it is possible to mount three knobs to the Lower Control Plate of your Marauder. We recommend checking the Side Output Jack option if you plan to do so – our route will mount an Electrosocket jackplate snugly, so you can use the hole on the plate for something more interesting!

Though we include pre-installed potentiometers for the Rhythm Cicuit plate, we do not do so for the Lower Control Plate. There are so many different wiring schemes, tastes and options out there for potentiometer and capacitor values that we’re staying out of it!


We supply Minimoog-style rocker switches with authentic switch caps pre-installed to your plates using our own 3D-printed mounts to match the vintage-correct screw spacing. Screw heads are raised countersunk Philips heads in A2 Stainless to match the pickguard screws and other fixings perfectly in style and material.



The dream of our Marauder project has always been to take this unobtainable model and make it as accessible as any other guitar project. Now, that dream is attainable to guitar builders wishing to add this mythical instrument to their collection.

We have standardised the design between the body, pickguard and control plates. Everything is manufactured in-house in the UK, with CNC and laser-cut precision, using 3D printing to interface the switches and produce the thumbwheels.

In addition to being the easiest to build and most accurate on the market, our Marauder is also the most customisable.

Each body and pickguard are routed for your pickup choice and are made bespoke to order. You now have the option to choose from a range of control plate options which allow for alternative control and wiring schemes to fit any requirement.

Your dream Marauder could be anything from a stripped down, dual-humbucker rock machine with a hardtail and lever switch to a vintage-correct seven-switch studio weapon – we’ve got you covered on both ends and anything in between.

At GuitarForm, we have made the Marauder a versatile, modular powerhouse; and we can’t wait to discover what you have in mind for yours!

Build your Marauder Kit

For further information about wood selection, please see here.

Please reference the Pickup Compatibility Table to ensure your choice is possible.

Custom Plates

Note: The Offset Vibrato Plate is slightly longer than the Vintage-style Dynamic Vibrato Plate. Your body will be routed to match. See this image for diagram of Vibrato plate options.

Note: Where applicable, we will pre-install a quality Korean-made Vibrato unit to your Vibrato plate.

Note: See this image for diagram of upper control plate options.

Note: See this image for diagram of switch plate options.

where applicable

Note: Kit does not include potentiometers or knobs for this plate, but does include rocker switch (where applicable) and mono output jack. See this image for diagram of lower control plate options.

Note: Applicable if you plan to mount an extra knob in the usual jack location.

Anything else we should know about your build? Please include a message. (optional)

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