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As a proprietary design, GuitarForm Tornado SG bodies are only compatible with GuitarForm pickguards.

GuitarForm Tornado SG bodies are compatible with standard 25-1/2″ scale necks. The neck pocket position allows for a 24-3/4″ scale conversion neck with fretboard overhang if desired.

Pickguard Configuration

Features & Options


Price includes a black or white rear-route cover (please specify if you prefer white in the “message” field). The “top” thickness above the rear-route is 6mm (1/4″).

Electrosocket Jack

Electrosocket jack output route is optional on all models, and is our only side-mount jack option for good reason.

Other jack plates either sit with the rim proud of the body (leaving a gappy lip in the curved perimeter); or else must be tenuously held in place at a certain depth within a clearance hole. This requires that you mark and drill a hole at a 45° angle, which we find is practically impossible to achieve without the plate ending up wonky.

We have invested our time in developing a CNC toolpath which precisely cuts a stepped hole for the Electrosocket jack. It takes the guesswork out of mounting your jack plate, for perfect and repeatable results every time.

Alternatively, any knob hole can be used to top-mount a standard jack. We always recommend using large washers wherever top-mount jacks are mounted directly to a rear-routed guitar.

Contrary to popular belief, Electrosockets are compatible with angled jack plugs, and these work great to tidy the cable away over your strap button.

Pickup Rings

Some pickups on certain guitars (particularly those whose pickguards cross over a pickup route) are suited to pickup routing options which mount either directly to the body or which can be mounted on a pickup ring or bridge plate.

* Filtertron
* Jag
* JM
* P90
* HB (Ring Mount)
* WRHB (Ring Mount)
* Mini HB (Ring Mount)
* T Single Coil (Pickup 3)

We manufacture our own pickup rings from high gloss 5mm Acrylic to guarantee good fitment with the pickguard for those pickup options which require them. They are available either in cream or black – please state your preference in the “message” section at the bottom of the product page when you place an order (if no colour is specified, we will default to black pickup rings).

Pickup choices which feature ring mounts can usually also be selected as a stylistic option for pickup positions which *do not* necessitate them by design, and mount wholly within a pickguard. This might be desired so that a neck pickup (which does not require a ring) is able to match a bridge pickup which does, for example. In these cases, we cut a rectangular hole in the pickguard within which the pickup ring sits, instead of the ring sitting atop the pickguard (which might be liable to complicate fixings and adjustment).


Our comfort contours are generally a little deeper in the arm and a little shallower in the belly than most vintage contours (though size, shape and depth of vintage contours varies widely in different years of manufacture and even from instrument to instrument in the same year of manufacture).

We have worked hard to achieve organic, melty contours that don’t exhibit a prominent edge / line where they meet the flat surface of the body – and we pay as much attention to how they combine and sculpt the edge of the body as we do to the graphic they impart on the faces.

Whilst their smoothness makes them more subtle in appearance than some contours, we really bring out their beauty by maximising the surface area – which is to say that their presence is physically larger on the face and back of the guitar. In many cases, our contours measure more than twice the area of our competitors’!

The result is a coherent form and character which perfectly complements the curves of the model silhouette – a smooth, sculptural quality that you can enjoy in unparalleled playing comfort.


The subtle tweaks we’ve made to the design have effectively unlocked the Tornado shape as a versatile platform for all kinds of bridge, pickup and control options in a way that was previously impossible without drastic and irreversible modification to an original instrument. We hope Toro lovers everywhere will appreciate the endless possibilities our solution opens up to design and configure a dream offset instrument that’s a little more unique than your usual offset project.

With its traditional G-style two pickup / four knob layout, this style has always been a great choice for those who want to blend traditional functionality with a slick offset shape and ergonomics. With the GuitarForm Tornado LG and Tornado SG models, you can interpret the formula your way, choosing from hardtail and vibrato bridge options and a comprehensive range of pickups to create a signature model unlike any other.

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